Meet the Therapists at Neal’s Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms

Holistic Therapies’…what is it and what are its Benefits?

Here at the Neal’s Yard Remedies Treatment rooms in St Albans we believe that inner health and outer beauty should be perfectly balanced. We offer a range of treatments and therapies to enhance our customers’ wellbeing, with our therapy rooms offering an oasis of pampering and calm, located within Christopher Place.

We are fortunate to have an amazing team of highly qualified and experienced Holistic Therapists who offer a wide array of treatments depending on each individual’s concerns and needs.

Holistic therapy is a type of therapy that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional treatments to help an individual as a whole, rather than focusing on a narrow problem it considers mental, physical and spiritual factors that influence a person’s wellbeing.

What are the most popular treatments in your therapy rooms?

In store we offer a wide array of treatments and therapies to enhance our customers’ wellbeing, each treatment is advised depending on each individual’s concerns and needs… However, saying that a few of our most popular treatments include Acupuncture, Reflexology, Deep Tissue and our very own specialised facials and massages, such as our radiance-enhancing Wild Rose Natural Glow Facial, or our newly-launched Women’s Balance Harmonising Massage, which uses flowing, rhythmical patterns of movement to nurture the body and mind.

What type of treatments do you offer?

The Neal’s Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms take a holistic approach to wellbeing through a diverse range of treatments, from massages and facials to reiki and complimentary therapies such as the Emmett Technique or Bowen Technique – that use light touch and rolling movements with a whole host of benefits. From Hot Stone and Holistic to Prenatal and Swedish, the many massages on offer use the highest-quality certified organic essential oils and base massage oils to deeply relax and revitalise. You can explore the mind-body connection with non-traditional physical healing practices such as Reiki or Acupuncture.


What do you enjoy the most about being a holistic therapist?

“As a Therapist, I have always been interested in how the body works and traditional healing practices. After working within the industry for over 20 Years I’ve found that I really enjoy helping people to relax and feel better. I believe holistic treatments are a great way to promote inner peace, stress reduction and ease pain”. – Erolyn Bedeau.

“I love being a therapist, I treat every person as unique and individual, I treat the body as a whole and often combine my treatments, using “my bag of therapies” according to individual needs”. – Halina Houldsworth.


What are the benefits from your treatments?

Acupuncture is based on the concept of life energy which flows through meridians in the body. The principle aim of acupuncture is to help rebalance the body’s energy flow by inserting very fine needles through the skin at specific points on the body and to various depths.

“My favourite treatment to offer is reflexology, a non-intrusive and surprisingly powerful treatment, this is an ancient therapy being practiced for over 5000 years and introduced to the western world 100 years ago. This is based on the theory that reflex points on the feet, hands and head correspond to different body parts, working these reflex points induces a deep sense of relaxation reducing both the physical and emotional symptoms of stress and tension.” – Halina Houldsworth.

Bowen is a technique that is applied to specific areas of the body using thumbs and fingers in a roll like movement, pressure is applied to help mobilise soft tissue. It’s a holistic approach to wellbeing and can be used to help relieve feelings of stress or anxiety as well as promote a sense of relaxation.

“Detox Massage is a light hands-on massage using gentle, repetitive strokes to help stimulate the body’s natural cleansing process. Its designed to help rid the body of toxins and promote an overall physical and mental well-being, It also helps to improve the flow of the lymphatic system” -Erolyn Bedeau


What are your areas of expertise?

Sarah Barnard is an acupuncturist who combines five element acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. She aims to hear and see the whole patient (physical and emotional) and then use acupuncture (and sometimes cupping and moxibustion) to help activate their bodies own potential to correct imbalances and regain/ maintain health and wellbeing.

Erolyn is a qualified Beauty and Holistic Therapist with an extensive background working within 5* Spa’s and Salons. Erolyn has been practising treatments since she qualified from Barnfield Collage.

Rita is qualified in Aromatherapy, Bowen Technique, Emmett Technique and Massage. She helps her clients towards greater general health and vitality by improving their self-healing abilities, boosting their immune systems, reducing their stress, and restoring balance in their bodies.

Halina Graduated from the London School of Reflexology, Hammersmith Hospital and NYR school of Natural Health. She offers many Holistic treatments that focus on promoting relaxation, relieving tension, and fatigue, relieving pain, and invigorating the body.

How long have you been practising?

Our amazing team of highly qualified and experienced Holistic Therapists have been practising within the industry for many years and each therapist has certification in their preferred treatments.

What can clients expect from a session with you?

“a deep sense of relaxation reducing both the physical and emotional symptoms of stress and tension” – Halina Houldsworth.

“I help my clients towards greater general health and vitality by improving each individual’s self-healing abilities, boosting immune systems, reducing stress, and restoring balance in their bodies” -Rita Pau.

“As a holistic therapist offering many relaxing treatments, my aim is to ensure that all my treatments are delivered to the highest possible standards in a relaxing and friendly environment. I hope that no matter how short the visit, I help to provide an escape, at least for a little while”. -Erolyn Bedeau


What are your thoughts on the importance of mental health and how therapy can help?

“With ever-increasing levels of stress in everyday life, it is important for us all to recognise the detrimental effects this can have on all of our body systems, both physically and mentally. There are many constructive, self-help ways in which we can try to combat some of these stress levels, complimentary therapies, including reflexology could be just one of them. I am particularly interested in helping adolescents manage their stress levels and have personal experience in recognising how chronic stress can affect one’s mental health significantly” – Halina Houldsworth.

What exciting new things are going on in your therapy rooms?

Recently added to our Therapy rooms are two beautiful new treatments designed around two of our bestselling product ranges…

The Frankincense Intense Lift & Sculpt facial is a 90-minute treatment designed to brighten, smooth and contour skin. This luxurious, deeply grounding therapy draws from the ancient art of gua sha and incorporates the neck, upper back and scalp using gentle manual techniques to rehydrate the fascia. With a focus on releasing tension throughout the upper body and stimulating fluid flow through the face, this treatment helps to enhance your natural glow and create a lifted appearance after a single treatment.

The Women’s Balance Harmonising Massage is a unique rhythmic massage that works gently but deeply. Using their forearms the therapist will glide along the body with long flowing strokes, it’s powerful and calming – designed to nurture the client and helping address the emotional symptoms that accompany hormonal imbalance.


How does someone go about Booking in a treatment at your therapy rooms?

To Book in a treatment with us please enquire at Neals Yard Remedies St Albans located within Christopher Place or alternatively, you can book in online through the Neals Yard Remedies website or give us a call on 01727844075.


As a Thank You to all our clients for your continued support, you will receive 15% off products bought in-store following your treatment in one of our therapy rooms.

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